Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stuffed Animal Buddies

Today, the Kindergarten class had a stuffed animal buddy that came to school with them. They earned the reward by filling 10 marbles into the marble jar. Their stuffed animal helped them with their school work, went to lunch, played with classroom toys, helped during centers, read books and listened to a story. The students had a lot of fun with their stuffed animal buddies. Take a look in their blue take home folder. They wrote one thing they did with their buddy today. They have been wanting this special reward for a long time. They had a lot of fun today!

Kindergarteners with their buddies

Silly Kindergarteners

Newsletter April 24th

 Dear Parents,
                       The end of the school is getting near! Less than a month until summer arrives! The school sure did fly by! On the last day of school, we will be having a school wide Field Day and Picnic at Rebecca Park. Families are encouraged to join their child(ren) for an end of the year celebration. Look for more information to come home in the office envelopes in the coming weeks. 

Also, on May 12th the Kindergarten class will be leading the school Mass along with their third grade buddies. Please come join us for Mass then Hospitality immediately following Mass.

           This Saturday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. A day we take time to discuss how we can save our planet. We will do different activities on Monday, April 24th, to discuss how important our planet is the God made for us and how we can help make it beautiful.
Week of April 24th -28th  

Monday – Gym
Tuesday – Library
Wednesday – Music
Thursday – Gym
Friday – Mass at 8:30am, Music
CONTENT – I Can Statements
RELIGION: I can explain that after death there is new life.
READING: I can find the main idea in a story.
HANDWRITING: I can correctly write letters Yy and Zz.
MATH: I can make a symmetrical design.
SCIENCE: I can measure the weight of different items.

SHARING: An item that begins with Vv or Zz.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Newsletter-April 10th-14th


Dear Parents,
            Happy Holy Week! This week in school we will discuss the journey Jesus took to his death and resurrection as we get closer to Easter. This week we will focus on the letter Uu, the sound that it makes and how to write it. We will also discuss how we can compare and contrast when reading. In Math, we will review 3-D shapes and introduce the cone. In Science we will practice measuring items with a ruler and a meter stick. We will end our week with Living Stations on Thursday at 1pm in the gym.
                                                Just a reminder to turn in your registration as soon as possible. As a school we are trying to plan for next year. Thank you!!

Week of 10th – 14th

Monday – Gym, Non-Uniform Day
Tuesday – Library
Wednesday – Music
Thursday – Gym, Living Stations at 1pm
Friday – No School
CONTENT – I Can Statements
Text Box: RELIGION: I can explain the Easter story.
READING: I can compare and contrast when reading texts.
MATH: I can identify a cone.
SCIENCE: I can use a ruler and meter stick to measure items.
SHARING: An item that starts with Uu or has Uu in the middle. (ex. umbrella, unicorn, mug, bud,)

God Bless,  Allison Austin